Standard fee for 45 minute sessions is $150. I offer sliding scale and I am willing to work with your budget. Ultimately, therapy should not be a strain on your finances. 


I am in network with some insurance plans.


Here is a little information about using an insurance plan for mental health treatment:


A good reason to use your insurance plan is that you will be responsible for a co-pay, which is typically less than a full fee. This however can be rectified if we have an agreement to use sliding scale when it comes to fees. 


A disadvantage of using an insurance plan is that I will have to give you a mental health diagnosis which stays on your record. At times, insurance companies can decide to perform an audit and I will have to share some information about your treatment. Sometimes insurance companies want short term treatment and don’t approve long term treatment.


Not using managed care for your treatment can help perpetuate a healthier model of seeking care. Without the monitoring done by managed care, you can feel more secure about the process and your privacy.