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About Me

Hi, my name is Georgiana. I am a psychotherapist in private practice, licensed to practice in Maryland and New York. I reside in the state of Maryland and I see clients both virtually and in person.


I received my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College in New York. In addition to being a therapist, I own a group practice based in Maryland, called Evolve Counseling Group.


As a small business owner, I enjoy working with other business owners and I also provide consultations for therapists who want to start a private practice. Aside from my formal training in counseling, I provide life coaching services for those who aspire to be healthier and more fulfilled in their lives.

Education and Certifications


Hunter College - Masters in Mental Health Counseling (M.S.Ed)


Albert Ellis Institute - Primary Certificate Practicum in REBT and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy

     Learning the language of DBT Certificate

     Improving Compliance and Outcome in Clients with Self-Destructive (Dysregulated) Behaviors Certificate

Chronic Anxiety: Powerful Treatment Methods to Break the Anxiety Cycle - Certificate of Completion


Benefits of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be an art as much as it is a science. The artful aspect of psychotherapy comes from the relationship created between client and therapist. The relationship is like no other, and therefore can be a catalyst for positive change. In a non-judgmental atmosphere, you can explore your inner world without any reservations. This exploration can lead to insight, self awareness and increased self esteem. 


Psychotherapy also helps with changing bad habits as well as unconscious habits. The power of living consciously can be achieved through looking objectively, with the help of a therapist, at what works in our lives and what doesn’t. Taking it one step further, we discover the possible changes we can make to get better at living life.


In psychotherapy sessions, there is room for exploration of feelings and thoughts, patterns of behavior from past and present. As a therapist I can guide you and help you discover who you really are. Knowing oneself is true power and knowing how to handle life’s challenges is the biggest accomplishment one can achieve. In treatment you discover yourself and you create healthy coping mechanisms for handling tough situations. There is a lot to be gained from engaging in therapy and working with a therapist that you trust. 

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is mostly focused on taking action in the present, in order to achieve desired results. It also has a focus on limiting behaviors and thinking patterns and working to change your mindset so you can get unstuck. Coaching is practical, down to earth and action oriented.


In sessions there is an emphasis on completing tasks, measuring goals and removing blockages that may show up along the way. 


In coaching sessions you will not be given a mental health diagnosis and you will not be using your health insurance plan. Some people find that working with a coach is better suited for their needs. If you feel uncertain about which way to go, please reach out to me and we can discuss.

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